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Moving & Storage Tips

Organizing your storage unit:Packing your self storage space for maximum convenience and most efficient use of space:

Mesa Storage is a convenient, safe, and inexpensive place to store your belongings. Rental of storage space is determined by the total size of the items being stored. Ask the storage consultant to help you choose a space size that fits your needs. An efficiently packed small space will cost less than a larger space. If you frequently use the space, a larger space, well organized (racks and file boxes), may be more convenient.

Use all the space available, including the height. To maximize the cubic feet: Stand large pieces of sturdy furniture on end or on top each other. Store heavier items on the bottom and light items on top. Label your boxes on all sides. This way they can be read without moving them. Leave a few inches of space between your items and the wall for better ventilation. Avoid condensation and mildew on cement floors by putting pallets on the floor where boxes or other paper items are stored. Leave a walkway to the rear of your space for easy access. Place frequently used goods near the door. Place things you are least likely to need during the time you are storing your belongings in the unit first. Store items you are most likely to need closest to the door for easy access. Securely latch and lock the door to your storage unit when leaving.

Packing your space for security of contents:

INSURANCE IS AVAILABLE from MiniCo® by calling 1-800-544-6464.

Use your own padlock. Make duplicate keys for your personal use.

Store small expensive items (Stereos, TV's, etc.) in the back of the storage space in coded boxes. Put pieces of large furniture and other boxes in front of them.

List all goods stored, including brand names, product features and serial numbers. Keep the list in a safe place away from your storage space, at your home or business. To prove ownership, keep proof of purchase documentation, like receipts. Make a photo or videotaped record of your stored goods. Keep it in a safe place away from your storage space.



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